Concurrent Enrollment

Through the UCI Division of Continuing Education, take advantage of a full catalog of UCI undergraduate and graduate courses without formal admission to the university.

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About the Program

Enroll in UCI classes on a space-available basis with permission of the course instructor and/or department, after all matriculated UCI students have been enrolled.

Application Periods

  • Registration is available during the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. Please refer to the UCI Schedule of Classes for Fall, Winter, or Spring course offerings.
  • The Concurrent Enrollment program is not available during the Summer quarter.


  • Take courses for personal enrichment.
  • Study with world-renowned professors.
  • Use the UCI library.
  • Meet new people who share your interests.
  • Take courses that may count towards a degree.
  • Investigate courses of study before enrolling in a degree program.
  • Explore a new field or enhance your current one.
  • Stay ahead of new developments in a particular subject area.
  • Get a head start in college.


Latest Updates

Check here for the latest updates to the Concurrent Enrollment program.


How to Apply

Fall 2024 requests will be accepted beginning: August 26, 2024

Review the steps to submit an online application for Concurrent Enrollment.

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  1. Choose your course

    Choose a course that is open with space available. Courses that are full or waitlisted will not likely be approved.

  2. Confirm prerequisites

    Uploading documentation showing pre-requisites are met is mandatory.

  3. Obtain approvals

    Classes may require department and/or instructor approval.

  4. Create your DCE account

    Create a Division of Continuing Education (DCE) account if you are new to DCE.

  5. Complete your application

    This is required for each course you would like to take.

  6. Requests will be reviewed

    From the time the application is available to the second week of the quarter.

  7. Final decision

    Check your email daily for any updates regarding your status or login for status updates.

  8. Submit payment

    Payment is due in full to enroll. Instructions will be provided in the email notification.

  9. Prepare for a successful quarter

    Set up your campus accounts, online course access, and parking. Information can be viewed on the General Information page.


Academic Calendar

Please note the following important dates

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